An American Vendetta

A true story of lust and  love, murder and revenge, money and greed.  A series of events that led to Americas most famous feud and the re-kenneling of the Civil War. The romancing of the “Juliette of the Mountains”, the thief of a pig, the killing of a witness, the murder of a brother and three bodies tied to a pawpaw bush ignited the most well know family feud on earth.

They lived on either side of the Tug Fork River.   “Devil Anse” Hatfield of West Virginia and Randolph “Ranel” McCoy of Kentucky. Located in the rough and rugged Appalachian mountains,  the two families of spirited stock and mountain pride were locked  together in a deadly battle of murder, revenge and honor.   Friends and family chose sides and prepared to die as each clan perpetuated the “blood” feud.

West Virginia and Kentucky were preparing to go to battle as the Myths and Legends of the bloody “ Hatfield and McCoy Feud “ were born.



Stories are told by people over the years, but none are as real as the story of the Hatfields and McCoys. Truly one of the longest standing family feuds in recorded history. Full of heartbreak, love and loss. Experience it on TV with the History Channel.